Cloud Security

Multi-Cloud Defense Challenges

This new dynamic means that security teams are faced with threats 24x7 against a mixture of not only on-premises legacy infrastructure but also against new workloads hosted on multiple private and public clouds. Securing this environment across applications (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS) is becoming more complex as your data is hosted on multiple clouds and in different regions simultaneously. In addition to these challenges are the needs to meet compliance, put out fires, report to the board, address Shadow IT, face employee churn, manage vendors and technologies, and a number of other activities that come with a cloud transition. How can you address these challenges with limited resources? VOID | International helps enterprises with security solutions for any level of cloud maturity, whether you are migrating a 30-year-old Lotus Notes environment to Office 365®, or are developing the next big artificial intelligence application using machine learning algorithms in the cloud.

If you need assistance in thinking through the ramifications that cloud adoption has on your security program or the security requirements necessary for a successful cloud migration, we can help. We will review and discuss your cloud security strategy based on your business-aligned security needs. We can also dive into your requirements for information storage, data classification and protection, and perform an assessment of your risk posture during a cloud migration.