Kujtesa | Use Case

Implementation of the SecurePortal and other services.

Founded in 1995, Kujtesa is one of the first ISPs in Kosovo. And currently, is the leading Kosovar ISPs and offers solutions for Internet, Networking, Cable TV, IPTV, and VoIP. Kujtesa leads in the Kosovar market with a share of 55% in broadband internet provision and 48% in the residential cable market.

With this market share, of it's services. And a big number of employees, Kujtesa needed to deploy more mechanisms on the background of the day-to-day processes. Especially, on the Security side. Kujtesa choose our product SecurePortal as it's core Security Appliance on their Email System, which maintained a cycle of their cybersecurity posture and also has prevented a number of sophisticated breaches.

Together with the implementation of our products, our security services have ensured that our client can expand with ease knowing that all of their cyber fronts are covered. As a result we have been referred to other companies for our managed security services. The cost and talent acquirement through our training programs has allowed us to scale quickly and offer competitive prices in the market utilizing some of the most advanced technology stacks in the field.