In the event of a cyber security breach, a thorough evaluation of the issue is required, and prompt action requires the availability of the appropriate technical competence. The objective is to minimize losses, address the root cause, and get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Proper prevention include such measures as hazard assessments, risk analyses, and emergency preparation.

Become Proactive

Anticipate the latest
cyber threats and prevent
digital risk.

The primary function for Anticipate is to observe the threat landscape and by doing so learn to know the adversary.

VOID invests heavily in Research and Development, and provides intelligence services that can be used as input to define the focus areas a security strategy should use.

An eye on the threat landscape for you!

Modern cybersecurity operations are a bit like meteorology – they involve ingesting and processing a huge amount of information from diverse sources. These various data points are used by security teams to make minute-by-minute decisions on how to spend time and resources efficiently. The right decision keeps the organization out of the rain and saves precious time, money, and reputation.

VOID's service works on-behalf of the customer to collect, analyze, prioritize, contextualize and summarize global, geographical and vertical threat intelligence. The reports provide actionable security intelligence relevant to the business, its infrastructure, processes and applications.

The service takes in a continuous stream of data from a variety of open, commercial and proprietary data sources.The streams are manually triaged and distributed to provide the essential threat and vulnerability data our customers need to make good decisions, whilst filtering out fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and other hyperbole that can distract and disorient security operations teams.

Our Core Competence

  • > Technically ahead, humanly at eye level
  • > Tailor-made service solutions, short reaction times, quick scheduling, direct contact with experts
  • > Quick help in case of an attack
  • > Specialized cyber security company with a distinctive service structure
  • > 15+ years of experience in designing, building and operating cyber security solutions
  • > ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Our Security Domains

Threat intelligence, dark web surveillance of threat actors and digital assets
Assessments, ethical hacking and footprinting

Security for Networks, Applications & Data, Endpoint Protection, Identity & Access Management, Vulnerability Nanagement
Managed threat detection (endpoint, logs & network), 24/7 CyberSoc service, threat intelligence

Rapid incident response, cyber resilience and digital forensics


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