When seen through the lens of digital innovation—the cloud, hybrid data centers, the mobile workspace, and expanding networking—businesses have no bounds. Managers of information technology (IT) are tasked with ensuring the security of systems and data in the context of an ever-changing infrastructural landscape, while also considering the needs of all stakeholders and the economic viability of proposed solutions.

Do you have the means?

To ensure your digital infrastructure is adequately protected, we provide the security solutions
as a managed service, a co-managed service, or even a helpdesk, depending on your needs. 

Tried and tested solutions and use cases complete your protection.

Cloud services, hybrid data center structures, mobile workspace, growing networking and Industry 4.0 make companies practically limitless: data is no longer centrally located in one place, but is distributed on mobile devices, in data centers and in the cloud.This also increases the risk for companies of falling victim to dangerous cyber attacks.

Therefore, they must optimally protect their digital infrastructure against known and new threats so that damage can be prevented or its effects minimized. IT managers are faced with the challenge of operating state-of-the-art solutions in a dynamic infrastructure landscape with the participation of various interest groups in a stable and user-friendly manner and aligning them taking cost-benefit aspects into account. However, in view of the continuously increasing need and the increased complexity of IT security, it is not uncommon for the IT security departments of companies to lack the resources or skills to cope with the tasks set.

As a Security Provider, we support our customers in the conception, design, implementation and operation of the appropriate protective measures. We can look back on more than 15+ years of specialization and experience in the IT security industry and on a large number of IT security projects for a wide variety of industries.

We have the necessary use cases and always work with tried-and-tested solutions: We know the abundance of providers in the IT security environment and concentrate on a few selected and previously extensively tested manufacturers and their products. Only the combination of stable security technology, experience in dealing with log files and events, suitable use cases and continuous adaptation provides real protection.

Our Core Competence

  • > Technically ahead, humanly at eye level
  • > Tailor-made service solutions, short reaction times, quick scheduling, direct contact with experts
  • > Quick help in case of an attack
  • > Specialized cyber security company with a distinctive service structure
  • > 15+ years of experience in designing, building and operating cyber security solutions
  • > ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Our Security Domains

Threat intelligence, dark web surveillance of threat actors and digital assets
Assessments, ethical hacking and footprinting

Security for Networks, Applications & Data, Endpoint Protection, Identity & Access Management, Vulnerability Nanagement
Managed threat detection (endpoint, logs & network), 24/7 CyberSoc service, threat intelligence

Rapid incident response, cyber resilience and digital forensics


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